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Our gaming project: Ismo and Magnum: the Adventure Begins!

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This is the topic for our gaming project with sonic06fan called Ismo and Magnum: the Adventure Begins! Here we make ideas and stuff and you can request a job for this project if you want.

List of project members:

Ismo the Hedghog

Jobs to be done:
Title screen, Options, Sound Test, Stages, Story, Characters, Character Sprites, Game Engine.

This will be updated when we mage progress.

Last edited by Ismo the Hedgehog on Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:15 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Another stupid typo...)

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So can you give me the gmk and i can edit i

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06fan, I have done nothing but the title screen, and the title screen only a little bit. In any case, I think I know how to edit the game properly. We edit it in turns. Sounds cool? THought so.

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Ok! fine with me.

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Problems arose 06fan, I think the title is harder to make than I thought. I suppose we need a proper coder.

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I will make it but um can you give me the file of the title screen?

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I suppose, I have just a couple of sprites and ideas in the file but I'll upload it now.

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