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Sadxlvl Toturial

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1 Sadxlvl Toturial on Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:34 pm

-Import custom models made by Dude's maxscript or MainMemory's [new] obj2nj.
-Import a vt [vertex tree].
-Change the position of a model, it's rotation and it's flags [hurt, water, visible etc.]. You can also change the position with the mouse.
-Change which pvr ID to use [which texture] and change some flags of it, for example make it sphere mapped.
-Change the start point of each character.
-It has SETedit build in, and you can see the actual 3d model of most of Emerald Coast and Speed Highway's objects, and of most "regular" objects [rings, springs, dashpads etc.].
-Edit autoloops.
-Edit P2 [tails racing] paths.
-Export the models you've selected in .obj.

In this video I've showed some functions of Sadxlvl. You really should try it out.

Lots of links:
Dude's maxscript [direct download]:

Dude's youtube channel:
Dude's website [x-hax]:
MainMemory's youtube channel:
MainMemory's website [hosted by x-hax]:

All credits go to MainMemory, for creating this awesome program, and to Dude, for his sadx related hacking research and his maxscript.

You'll need .NET Framework 2.5 or higher and maybe you'll need DirectX Runtime.
.NET Framework 3.5:

DirectX Runtime:

Song: Kalimba by Mr. Scruff.

Sonic and all related content are ownership of SEGA, Sonic Team and DIMPS development.

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