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PVR editing tutorial

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1 PVR editing tutorial on Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:44 am

OK. Step 1. Get it. The name of the tool is PVR viewer. Get it here:

Step 2. Now that you have it, open it. Then, there will be a folder selection. Go to you SADX folder of course. Then go to system folder. There will be some files.

Step 3. Find S_STAGE01_E.PVR. Have it highlighted. Then select file. And then select Save selected... Put the format into BMP (bitmap). Then, select the folder you want it into. You need to type this manually. Then rename the file into something and BE SURE TO PUT .bmp AT THE END! If you don't do that, the file format will only be a "file".

Step 4. Find the file and edit it with a picture editing program like MS paint. Then, find your editied file with PVR viewer. If you haven't put the file format to look for, put bmp. Then there will be the file. Again, go to file, save selected. But now, name the file the same as the original PVR file. It was S_STAGE01_E.pvr. Of course the file format needs to be .pvr. Save it to the same folder as the bmp file.

Step 5. Make a backup file of the original S_STAGE01_E.pvr. Then put/copy the edited pvr file into the system folder and the stage name you put up will be in the game!

Ask me if you need help or pictures.

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2 Re: PVR editing tutorial on Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:22 pm

Thanks now i know

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