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Ismo the Hedgehog... Reborn... + Back story!

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1 Ismo the Hedgehog... Reborn... + Back story! on Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:32 pm

Name: Ismo the Hedgehog
Favourite colour: Blue
Best friend: Seppo the Fox
Other friends: Dash the Hedgehog
Arch nemesis: Dr. Ozzie Lingonberry AKA. Oysterman
Weapon: One-handed shotgun

So, let's get back to the place where Ismo's REAL origin is.
Basically, he was a red hedgehog raised by his family. He was born in the city of Stardust Speedway on the little planet where Sonic once was.
One day, Dr. Oysterman (another fan char XD) tried to conquer the little planet. At the age of 11, Ismo defeated him with his intelligent tricks and restored peace.
He has been fighting him from that day to this present day and at the age of 18, Ismo decided that he needed a weapon. He was very interested in guns. The one that he liked the most was a one-handed shotgun. So he uses this weapon normally, but he has a little arsenal of weapons just for cases of emergency.

He is pretty smart, but his skills aren't like normal Sonic characters'. He is pretty much like a normal human being.

So that's all. I'm gonna one day start my Ismo the Hedgehog game project again based on this storyline.

I will update this when I get more ideas or get mayor changes by other places.

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Wow! Nice model you drew there and awesome story.

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I just used the character creator. Still can't model edit. Computer sucks.

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So when are you getting a new one.

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Not soon. My dad is gonna take the computer that was meant for me.

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