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sonic race mix dx

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1 sonic race mix dx on Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:00 pm

this is the firstt sonic rivals project the bad thing is that its using ssbb pvm but the levels and music are sonicrivals2 style sonic goes throgh levels and fhigt eggman and choas and in one part a mereoker shooter whith crap camera control whitch is gamma the tails is replaced by classic sonic and classic sonic races like hes sopostu and fhit eggman and choas while knuckles is loking for the master embrald and amy is looking for sonic and getting chased by a robot big is deleted becuase millios of resons okay ill give you one of the resons its that big fhishes for froges hoo does that while the medeoker whith crap camera control is replaced by shadow whith guns and metal sonic has the same sonicadventure and at the end supersonic and supershadow go and stop this lava monster this will be uploaded whith the charecter models sonic:100%
big no
gamma no
bluecoast act 1:100%
bluecoast act2:100%
bluecoast act 3:100%
more acts later today

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